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Hi Doc, Can We Talk?

The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference

Lunch & Learn
March 21st 11:15am

9 min? 15 min? The amount of time doctors spend with patients has declined and is causing satisfaction issues and leading to poor outcomes. So can we create more time? Probably not! Or should it be more quality time? Does communication only have to be in person? These and other questions that are central to our patient/physician communication will be discussed in this session. Listen and Learn from a doctor’s perspective on what patients/consumers can do to better engage them and how technology is being used to improve the patient/physician communication process. Utilizing checklists, telemedicine, secure messaging applications/platforms and other technologies can help align patients/doctors better. With the incoming movement of MACRA – doctors are going to be focused on engaging patients better. With a digital technology revolution underway, the sacred relationship between a patient and their doctor(s) cannot be sacrificed, in fact it has the opportunity to be even stronger. It is time to share and learn on what works and what the future may bring. The Doc is in, and he has time – let’s talk!


Samir Batra, Founder & CEO, BAHA Enterprises

Ricardo Guerra MD, FACC, Executive Board Member – Founder WHMC, Interventional Cardiologist, Walnut Hill Medical Center & North Texas Heart Center

Conference Program

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