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Investor Connect ™

Raise Smart Money with the Right Investors at the Right Time

How We Help Our Clients


As investors do, so do we. We will digest your value proposition and start advising and guiding your investment strategy along with identifying your optimal investor type, size, and timing.


As we perform our due diligence, we curate the optimal investors from our ever-growing investor network, and carefully position and articulate your value proposition to them. Let’s just say we screen your “date”.

Get Funding

Preparation is key. We will guide and advise and make sure you are well equipped to properly communicate your value proposition and position your business in the ideal light when it is time for action.

Why We Are Different

We are committed to results – do not like our advice or guidance or results – you owe us nothing.
Our DNA is made up of professionals who are investors, clinicians, subject matter experts, serial rainmakers (success entrepreneurs). We eat, sleep healthcare only.
We provide a strategic advisory model based on results. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion today.

5 Steps To Getting Started

1.   Sign mutual NDA

2.  Participate in our due diligence (provide an overview of business and demo the solution – evaluation conducted by our clinical and technology committee)

3.  Complete Executive Advisory agreement

4.  Fill out an Investor Connect profile

5.  Send BAHA your investor materials* (investor brief, executive summary, investor deck)

And that’s it! Your work is done.

We start guiding and advising you and start working with our investor community to gauge interest and prepare you to perform.

* If you do not have investor materials, we can help you create them (subject to additional cost)

Clients & Partners


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being part of Investor Connect™?

We proactively guide our clients through the capital fundraising process by positioning them in a positive manner to our investor community. Our process allows founders and CEO’s to focus on connecting with “vetted” investors who have already been introduced to their business and solutions and have shown an interest in connecting and learning more.

What type of companies can participate in Investor Connect™?

We use our extensive experience in the healthcare industry to purely focus on companies and solutions that are focused on improving the quality of healthcare.

What type of Investors are part of your Investor Community?

Our investor community includes various types of healthcare investors, including early-stage venture capital, angels investors, seed investors, private equity, and provider-based investors.

How do you know what Investors are looking for?

We have built long-lasting relationships with our investors and have a solid understanding of each of our investors’ investment criteria and we proactively update their investment needs.

What level of capital raise do you assist with?

We help our clients raise funding from early seed rounds all the way through Series A.

Do you work as our agent or broker?

We are not agents or brokers; we are strategic advisors that build long-term relationships focused on your success. We position and guide our clients to the right investors at the right time while helping you network and navigate the healthcare industry.

How are you compensated?

As strategic advisors, we work on long-term retainer models that are 100% based on results and depending on the stage and other attributes we are creative in terms of our compensation model (i.e. cash and equity mix). To learn more about how we can help and how we structure our fees get in touch with us today.

How long do you work on helping companies raise funds?

Investor Connect™ is an ongoing service and we support our clients for as long as they desire including multiple rounds of funding.