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Validation Services

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Types of Validations We Offer

Market Validation

We engage with Buyers, Influencers and Decision Makers who provide feedback and insightful guidance on how to best position your solution, create go-to-market and sales strategies and determine market outlook for your product.

End User Validation

Our engaged network of patients and healthcare personnel provide critical feedback on the user interface, user experience, workflow and any other aspects of your solution that you desire.

Internal Validation

We work with your clients to gather unbiased feedback in the following key segments of your business: sales, product, implementation, account management and support.

Strategic Partnership with

Every single successful Validation needs two key components

1) a strong community of individuals to provide optimal feedback

2) companies that are open and willing to evaluate themselves for the betterment of their end users and buyers.

The Beryl Institute represents the leading thought leadership organization focused on enhancing the patient experience. Our partnership with The Beryl Institute had led to the creation of The Patient Experience (PX) Solutions Feedback Program, powered by BAHA Enterprises. This program:

Enhances innovation and supports new opportunities in the field of patient experience by connecting technology companies with The Beryl Institute’s members who are a part of healthcare provider organizations for virtual feedback on programs and services impacting global patient experience efforts.
Companies gain access to the subject matter expertise of patient experience leaders and decision makers to obtain feedback to evaluate and assist in developing or enhancing programs and services.
The candid feedback provides the potential for widespread and global application for healthcare and the opportunity to reinforce the commitment to support the patient experience movement.