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Hi Doc, Can We Talk?

The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference Lunch & Learn March 21st 11:15am 9 min? 15 min? The amount of time doctors spend with patients has declined and is causing satisfaction issues and leading to poor outcomes. So can we create…

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Samir Batra HIMSS17 Speaker

DEMANDING A DELIGHTFUL CARE EXPERIENCE FOR PATIENTS February 20, 2017 — 01:30PM EST - 02:30PM EST Orange County Convention Center Description According to Gallup, more than half of Americans asked have a somewhat or very negative view of the healthcare…

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Observations from CES 2017

“Why are you going to CES? You aren't going to see any healthcare-related solutions” This is the common thing I heard from colleagues, friends and others when I told them I was going to CES 2017 to check out the…

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