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End User Validation

Get feedback from Patients and Caregivers

How do you capture the sentiment of your users? Do your solutions deliver true value and enhance your customers’ experience? We provide healthcare technologies the ability to perform user testing, garner feedback and key insights from End Users – Patients and Caregivers to drive utilization and significance of their solutions.

How We Help Our Clients

Prevent Product Delays, Drive Value Out of QA and QC
Improve User Adoption and Drive Implementation
Identify Untapped Opportunities for Your Solutions

Who Can End User Validation Benefit

Determine if there is an actual market for your MVP

Marketing Leaders
Develop marketing material, types of users/customers to target

Sales Leaders
Form a sales strategy

Product Leaders
Determine attributes of solution are actually in demand

Implementation Leaders
Pitfalls to avoid during roll out, determine ideal project plan

Understand what markets to sell your solution, project sales numbers

Understand customer need for potential investments market

Sample Use Case

Unified Communications Platform for Nurses


  • 85% of nurses wanted to see applications related to shift change communication.
  • 72% of nurses did not like the workflow of “quick action
    buttons” for environmental services including the icons used.
  • 92% of nurses wanted to connect with other employees regarding discharge process
    (positions mentioned: case managers, discharge planners, patient education and transport).


Analytics showed NurseTech should focus on:

  • Nurse communications especially the critical shift change timeframe
  • Address UI and workflow changes, with a focus on different nursing domains (as stated in data)
  • Resources need to be dedicated to understand workflow of stated other positions that are critical part of the discharge process
  • Conduct additional validations with other positions mentioned to gather workflow requirements to develop necessary features
  • Resources should be redirected to focus on digital (video) based content
    (positions mentioned: case managers, discharge planners, patient education and transport).


Based on the analytics and insights, NurseTech took the following actions:

  • Shared analytics and insights with Nurse Executive Advisory Board to drive key changes in solution
  • Conducted communication workflow journey mapping including nursing expertise (including a focus on the discharge process)
  • Made tactical UI changes to address look and feel of buttons and icons as suggested
  • Launched new product development team to focus on communication pathways of additional positions in plans to expand product offering
  • Refined go to marketing strategy including training sales resources with updated messaging and tools


Strategic steps taken led to the following key milestones:

  • Updated user testing and validation showed significant positive increase in nurses response to changes
  • Equipped with data and updated materials and training, revenues increased by 8%. Cross sales increased by 25%. Contract re-signing increased to 72% up from 63% prior to user testing and validation.
  • Expanded Advisory Board included executives representing other key hospital positions
  • Secured additional funding to expand product focus to cover all patient care positions and expansion into new markets (ambulatory, long-term care, and home care)

How Validation Works


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies do you provide End User Testing and Validation for?

We work with health technology companies (i.e. software, hardware, medical device, wearables). Companies at all stages, from early stage start-ups to established businesses, benefit from the validation process.

How can User Testing and Validation help my business?

End Users help answer the very important question of “Does my product do what it says it will do?” For example, insights gathered from end users can help shift messaging and sales tactics that better communicate the solutions promise. Other times, insights can help uncover a solution benefit that was previously untapped. Validation adds data-driven and customer-backed proof to the viability and impact of your solution and strengthens your value proposition to customers and investors.

How do I use the data and findings?

The process helps unearth insights and data that answer the critical question, “What do potential users think about my solution?” Data and Insights are then used to optimize sales and marketing strategies around messaging and materials, as well as optimize other key business functions such as customer service and support, and product development.

How can you help me use End User Testing and Validation to improve business functions?

In conjunction with our Advisory Services and Expert Advisors, we can utilize validation findings and data to refine your go-to-market strategy, product strategy, business development activities, assist in raising capital or other areas that the data reveal.

As an investor, how can I benefit from End User Testing and Validation?

The data adds valuable insights to the due diligence process. In addition to understanding the revenue model of the potential investment, you also want to know what users think about the solution under question, thereby helping to determine the true viability of a business.

What types of patients participate in End User Testing and Validation?

Our ever-growing network is comprised of patients with many different conditions and diseases, such as asthma, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, COPD, cancer, orthopedics. If there is a patient group we want to target that we do not currently have, we have a robust plan in place to quickly acquire them.

What types of healthcare personnel participate in End User Testing and Validation?

We collectively determine the right personnel group to conduct your testing and validation. Our network is comprised of professionals who work in healthcare delivery (hospitals, medical practices, ambulatory centers, rehab centers etc.), such as doctors, nurses, patient experience professionals, therapists (i.e. physical, occupational, respiratory), pharmacists, IT professionals, administrators, and others (i.e. case managers, biomed experts, non-clinical staff). If there is a healthcare personnel group you want to target that we do not have, we will build it for you.

Do you compensate people for doing the End User Testing and Validation?

While each participant is compensated (or can opt to donate to charity) for providing feedback, by and large participants are engaged and eager to be included in Validation because they care about bringing optimal healthcare solutions to market and to create a more efficient healthcare delivery environment. They are eager to share their day-in and day-out knowledge and hands-on experience to improve healthcare.

Can I know the identity of the participants in the Validation?

The identity of Validation participants is completely confidential and we strictly abide by HIPAA laws. We do share profile attributes and demographics of the participants.

Do I own the data and findings?

Yes, you own the data, and you give us rights to cultivate trends and insights for industry reports and case studies (we will keep your company’s name confidential).