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Internal Validation

Get unbiased assessment of your business and solutions from your current customers

Who knows you better than your customers? We perform a full evaluation of your business and your solutions through the lens of your current clients. Find out how your solution is impacting their organization, and how you can deliver better. Evaluate your resources, your product, your support as well as other areas to drive business excellence.

How We Help Our Clients

Identify Product Features Enhancements for Product Roadmap
Total 360-degree Assessment of Company Resources and Processes
Increase Customer Retention

Who Can Internal Validation Benefit

Marketing Leaders
Uncover top performers and value of business to market to future customers and employees

Functional Business Leaders (sales, product etc.) 
Better assess personnel serving relevant business areas

Product Leaders
Solidify customer value of current offering and details to drive product roadmap and enhancements

Implementation Leaders
Refine current process and uncover best practices

100% evaluation of resources and processes in business execution

Understand current customer value of the business

Sample Use Case

Patient Engagement Solution for Care Management


  • 65% of respondents had “buyers remorse” – product did not represent what they were sold.
  • 80% of respondents selected 4 future applications that they wanted to see next.
  • 92% of respondents approved of the 24hr support promise.
  • 70% respondents claimed implementation took longer than
  • Dept. Ratings (approval ratings): Sales – 65% (45% for sales personnel), Implementation – 45% (80% for project managers), Account
    Mgmt/Support – 90%.


Analytics showed Patient Direct should focus on the following:

  • Product gaps existed, product not delivering what is being sold – suffering from “Vaporware” selling
  • Prior to dedicating resources on suggested future applications, understand how to refine current applications to meet current customer demands
  • Assess market opportunity of future applications that are being considered for development
  • Analyze entire sales organization and make necessary changes, including sales materials, sales personnel and leadership
  • Based on detailed feedback, make necessary changes to implementation process
  • Replicate exemplary customer support skills training with other customer facing areas especially sales and implementation


Based on the analytics and insights, Patient Direct took the following actions:

  • Launched cross discipline team to look into product gaps and sales messaging. Minimized overselling and under delivering
  • Conducted Market Validation around 4 future applications mentioned by current clients
  • Authorized and empowered Project Managers to streamline implementation process. Cut lag time to meet projected assumptions
  • Made personnel changes in sales organization, including hiring new sales leader. Streamlined sales messages to be more inline with existing product
    and around growth vision (including use of Internal Validation data)
  • Rewarded exceptional performance of Account Mgmt/Support team and requirement of all client facing employees to receive customer experience


Strategic steps taken led to the following key milestones:

  • Market validation data created better go to market strategy and led current investors to contribute additional funding for product development
  • Under new sales leadership and messaging, revenue increased 15%
  • Time to implementation dropped by 24% and projected timeline was 81% within actual
  • Addressing product gaps led to decrease in support calls and executive involvement (time/travel cost decreased)
  • Significant cost savings resulted in 16% drop in overall expenses, adding 3% to bottom line

How Validation Works


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies do you provide Internal Validation for?

We provide Internal Validation services to health technology companies (i.e. software, hardware, medical device, wearables). Companies at all stages, from early stage start-ups to established businesses, benefit from the validation process.

How can Internal Validation help my business and how do I use the information?

Existing clients provide unbiased feedback on various aspects of your business including:

  • Sales
  • Product (features, applications and user experience)
  • Implementation
  • Account Management and Support

This allows business leaders to get full transparency of all business functions as well as provide insights into low/top performers. The feedback also provides a data-driven way to determine sales strategy and product strategy. It offers opportunities to refine expenses and find and establish operational best practices.

How can you help me use Internal Validation to improve business functions?

In conjunction with our Advisory Services and Expert Advisors, we can utilize internal validation findings and data to refine your go-to-market strategy, product strategy, business development activities, assist in raising capital or other areas that the validation reveals.

As an investor, how can I benefit from Internal Validation?

Internal Validation adds tremendous value to the due diligence process. In addition to understanding the revenue model of the potential investment, you also want to know what current customers think about the solution and business under question to help provide additional clarity on the valuation of the business.

What types of people participate in Internal Validation?

Current customers participate in Internal Validations. We work with specific employees from your client base to provide feedback on activities related to specific processes or solutions provided by your business. For example, employees that were involved in implementing your solution would provide feedback on your implementation process and overall experience only.

Do you compensate people for doing the Internal Validation?

While each participant is compensated (or can opt to donate to charity) for providing feedback, by and large participants are engaged and eager to be included in Validation because they value their organization’s investment in your solutions. They are eager to share their day-in and day-out knowledge and hands-on experience of your solutions to maximize their company’s investment.

Can I know the identity of the respondents in the Validation?

The identity of Validation participants is completely confidential, but you will have a full list of all the clients that participate. We do share profile attributes (and demographics) of the respondents.

Do I own the data and findings?

Yes, you own the data, and you give us rights to cultivate trends and insights for industry reports and case studies (we will keep the company’s name confidential).